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KATRAA \Kä’-Trä\ -(n.)- a person’s soul or spirit

A paragon of craftsmanship and design, Matthew Molcillo refracts the alluring elements of LEATHER, LATEX and METAL with an innate Sacred Geometry, to create Edgy High FASHION Designs, Accessories and Wearable Art that push the envelope of conformity, while empowering bold self expression. His aesthetic is inspired by the infinite beauty within the dynamic spectrum of Dark and Light, YIN and YANG. KATRAA Design House was established in 2012 and based out of San Jose, California. Everything you see here and on his INSTAGRAM account - where you will discover the breadth of his bespoke designs - is scratch made and carefully Handcrafted by Matthew himself. Through his unique creative process, each piece evolves step by step with attention to every detail along the way. The energy, passion and love for his work become an integral part of the unique story of creation which lives on through you. When you purchase something from KATRAA, you're buying straight from the artist himself. 

With over twenty years of experience in Industrial design, metal fabrication, and TIG Welding, Matthew had this crazy idea to combine his diverse skill sets in fabrication along with alluring materials such as leather and latex, and create his own clothing label....KATRAA is the manifestation of that dream and proof that is it possible if you believe in yourself. His high standards of design are matched by a level of quality that are guaranteed to bring you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Though Matthew confronted many obstacles and challenges in his life, including epilepsy, chronic asthma, and severe depression, overcoming all of these were stepping stones to something much bigger. His journey has brought him to this amazing place and where it goes, well, we'll just have to wait (hustle) and see....  

In a society obsessed with technological advances, It takes incredible passion, integrity and conviction to make products the old fashioned way, by hand. Together, may we all unite to preserve the intrinsic qualities of our crafts and create awareness for the value of personal expression. Thank you all for your support and for taking the time to embrace Matthew's store. He looks forward to making a connection with you.


Bespoke work is one of Matthew's favorite. He can literally make just about anything, so if you have an idea in mind, please send him an email at katraa@icloud.com. You can check out the breadth of his custom work, updated regularly on INSTAGRAM.  His creativity is boundless...