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Does KATRAA do custom orders?

Bespoke work is one of Matthew's favorite.  He can make just about anything, so if you have a creative idea in mind, please send him an email from the "Contact" page of this website.  You can see the breadth of his custom work which is updated regularly on his INSTAGRAM profile.  His creativity is boundless and is such a treat to work with because he takes such good care of all his customers.  You are the lifeblood of KATRAA, and Matthew is very grateful for this.

Q: Is Latex hard to put on?

More accurately, is latex fun to put on...YES! It takes a little practice but once you get it down, you be able to slip and out of KATRAA latex regalia in no time! There are a couple of products that I recommend and will be adding them to this website in a few weeks.  One of them is called Vivishine.  This is a fairly new product, but from the rave reviews, it makes cleaning, polishing and getting out of so much fun.  There are a couple of ways to slip into a pair of KATRAA Latex leggings.  The first is to lightly power the inside with cornstarch (this process is already done for you when you receive you KATRAA latex.  Start by sitting down and slipping both feet into your leggings, but keep them bunched up just above your ankles. Using your finger tips (NOT Your Nails), slowly work the latex up your calf making sure the seams are in the correct orientation. Now do the same for the other leg and stop at the knee.  Now you can stand up and repeat the process, smoothing out the latex as you go...now your ready for polish!

Q: How do I make my latex shine?

Polishing your latex is the most fun part of the process.  High grade silicone is one of the best products to condition and keep you latex looking beautiful.  Using your hand, or a very soft polishing cloth or sponge, apply the silicone to the outside of your KATRAA latex garment until the desired shine is achieved.  Do this again before putting your garment away.  However, if you prefer that matte finish, your latex does not have to be polished.  Simply wash your garment, then wipe off any excess water, and voila.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.  I am here to help you.

Q: How do I care for my latex garments?

A: After enjoying a day or evening wrapped in one of our luxurious latex garments, we recommend you follow these basic care steps.  That way, you can enjoy your KATRAA latex garments for years to come.  Upon removing your latex garment, wash with warm water and mild soap.  This will to remove any natural salts and oils left behind from the body.  When finished rinsing, allow your latex to hang dry or gently pat with a towel.  Latex can be scratched, so try to avoid using excessive pressure when drying the outside of your latex with a towel.  Once completely dry, you can dawn the inside of your latex garment with corn starch. Preferably organic.  Try to refrain from using talc or baby powder.  

Store your latex in a cool dry place, and away from direct sunlight.  Keep your latex garments away from brass or steel pieces.  These can cause your latex to stain.  Other than that, latex is one of the most amazing and resilliant materials.  I can stretch up to 800% from its relaxed state which is why it works wonders for shaping your curves...of course, if the patters are drafted correctly.  Remember you only live once and I can guarantee you from all the testimonies I have received from clients and models, you will feel like a superhero.

Q: How Do I Measure My Wrist?

1.  Take a piece of string and hold one end at a fixed point on your wrist.

2.  Bring the other end around, and where the two cross, place a mark on the opposite side.

3. Now measure the length between the end and your pen mark. That is your wrist circumference. From there you can decide how you would like your cuff to fit.