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Keeping our products made in the states is very important to us. With that said, our super comfortable, American Apparel hoodies are screen printed locally using a special process known as sublimation. Handwritten by my brother in one the oldest calligraphic forms of Arabic know as Kufic, and spells KATRAA. Pronounced KÄ′-trÄ , like the classic call of a Raven, and means a person's soul or spirit. To be "In KATRAA," is to embrace YOUR entire being.

Handwritten calligraphy is some of the oldest art forms in the world. We hope that our scripted calligraphic designs will bring awareness, and appreciation for these dying art forms. When you purchase one of the luxurious items from our store, you've made a conscious decision to join us in a movement which empowers strength, and beauty within us all. We welcome you aboard our ship on this incredible journey called life, and may we inspire one another along the way.

Please make sure when selecting your KATRAA hoodie, to choose if you would like the logo printed on the front or the back.

𝌩Item Specifics𝌩

A blend of (50% Polyester / 50% Cotton Fleece) construction • Medium is approximately 23.75in (60.32cm) in total length • Metal Zipper • Hooded with White finished Polyester drawchord • Kangaroo pocket • True to size • Unisex size - women may prefer to order one size down

𝌩Copyright Disclosure𝌩

Herin stated, KATRAA reserves all rights to products, descriptions, logos, and images listed on this website. Copying, transcribing, or reproduction of ANYTHING listed on this website strictly prohibited. Please respect all the hard work, heart and soul I have put into building my dreams, and the positive movement behind my company. Thank you.