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If for any reason you ordered the wrong size, or are simply unhappy with your purchase, just return the unused item for a full refund, or store credit, whichever you prefer.  Feel free to contact me directly so I can send you the return prepaid postage to initiate the return process.  That's how much your business means to me.  


Same to be said with all of my leather goods and unused latex garments.  I guarantee them against manufacturer defects, because I'm that good.   However, in some rare instances, things can break, and I am only human. Not to worry, if the item you absolutely love needs fixing, simply return, and I will be more than happy to repair it free of charge.  If for some reason it cannot be repaired, I will happily replace the item if materials are available. 


I stand behind all of my work, but above all, your business and friendship is genuinely valued.  I will do my very best to accommodate your needs and ensure that you are given the attention, and care that you deserve.  I want you to be ecstatic about your shopping experience and spread the word.  I value each and every one of you because with out your support, KATRAA would not exist.  So thank you for helping to keep the lights on!


For inquiries involving returns or any questions, please feel free to contact me directly, and I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.  Your patience is greatly appreciated because after all, I am an only one man crew...at least for the moment.

Contact Information:

email: katraa@icloud.com

phone: 510-754-6383